What does it cost You?


We don't believe in giving things away for free. In some way, when things are free they are not perceived as valuable. Also, we need you to be committed and not let this knowledge sit on your digital shelf. We require minimal investment from you so that we can work with you, to make you generate cash flow from trading. 


This is why we will only ask $50,- bucks. This is affordable to anyone and you will get access to everything for one month. 


Also, if you don't have a trading account yet, the minimum deposit we advice is $500,-. More is better. $200,- is the minimum. We help with selecting the right broker.


Why recurring monthly?


Because we really only want the best of the best. We don't want the biggest community of traders, but the biggest community of elite, highly professional traders. Individuals who are strong enough to ultimately handle making trades of 6 figures. We need you to be invested with us, and not wander off (thinking you succeeded already). This is a big mistake many traders make and it's an ego thing close to arrogance. 


We believe that our system is so incredible, anyone can generate cash right away. 

However, there are still people who fail. This is mainly due to emotions and the wrong state of mind regarding trading.


If you didn't make at least $50,- bucks in your first month trading the IG System (or you're not capable of saving $50,- of your profit each month), we're not sure if this is for you.


Why No refunds?


Because members immediately benefit from the knowledge of the stats, analytics, and signals from the IG system, we do not give refunds. You should recognize that investing and trading is a marathon, not a sprint so every last piece of information that can help you learn along the way and give you “an edge” over your competitors is worth investing in, especially when that information costs less per month than a night out of dinner and drinks.



How to cancel?


You can cancel automatic renewal at any time by sending one simple message.