The gods of (index) trading

Who are we and what do we do?



Index Gods started as a two-man team. We always preferred to keep a low profile, but a couple of years ago we decided we wanted an elite trading group with whom we invest and trade on a grand scale.


This resulted in many professional traders joining us and now we have a team of over 30 years combined experience. 

High percentage trades + emotion control


This is how we do it. We have our own statistics, algorithms, and signals. We managed to map the best trades possible and we only make trades when it's 80% or higher win-rate. Any win-rate below that is just a gamble to us and we might as well just go to the casino and play roulette. 


Many of you are broke or have little money. That's why trading gets emotional. You don't have the right mindset. We help with that. 

We generate daily cash flow from trading


Our mission is to use day trading as a tool to generate cash flow. We can then reallocate the generated cash towards bigger opportunities mid-term/long-term to become multi-millionaires.


Some of us don't care about that and they just spend all the cash they generate on the beautiful things in life.  

The IG System

Our main focus will always be trading/investing because this is where big capital can be made. We didn't have the patience to compound for 50 years to become extremely rich and we've succeeded in creating the same amount of wealth in just a couple of years.

Because our main capital was being made from trading/investing we didn't have the motivation or time to teach our ways to a lot of people. This is why we first started at $5000,-. It wasn't about the money, but about finding the best of the best to join us. 

The best of the best don't care about 5k. Only you do. 


Out of pure coincidence, a guy (we will call him Jack) came across our paths. He delivered food to our office and one time he came in. He had had a tough background, saw what we did, and wanted to do it too.


We were skeptical but gave him a chance. This resulted in him quitting his job one month after and now he's generating cash at a pace you could not even imagine yet. He makes more in one day than he did in 1 month delivering food.


Because of this experience, we learned that anyone can learn what we do. It took us over 6 years to master, but with our help, anyone can become a trading God like us. 


Witnessing his gratitude and seeing him improving all aspects of his life made us decide to introduce the IG System. A version of Index Gods that is accessible to anyone. 



What Value does the IG System give You?


What we give you is something not definable by X amount. What we give you is absolutely priceless. 


We give you the opportunity to become rich within a couple of years.


Almost all students leave their job within a couple of months. Some actually like their full-time job and don't mind working in a machine. Imagine the face of their co-workers when they pull up on the work floor with a $12.000 Rolex. 


Anyone can earn significant sums of money by trading our system. To make it as easy as possible for you, we provide DAILY SIGNALS that you only have to follow to earn money.


But, we also teach you the ability to earn beyond our signals and trade pretty much everything yourself. You will be stunned by the knowledge we give you and you will instantly recognize it in the trading markets. 


Students who have traded the IG System for a year often make 6 figures a month (if desired and dependent on starting point). 


It's not just about the trading, but also about the right mind. This sounds cheesy, but it's true. Many people go into trading, make some money, but end up losing consistently. It's because, in their minds, they can't handle the money. It always gets too emotional and that's why they fail.


The IG System teaches how to view trading and how to handle emotions during trading. The trading system is already there for you, all you have to do is follow it. The one thing we need you to become is a master of your own mind. 


Why do We do this?


We're not gonna pretend we are some Robin Hoods with a mission to help everyone become financially independent. 


Far from it. We do this because we are only looking for the best of the best. 


We want the best of the best to join us in creating a worldwide empire/network of business and investing. 


After our experience with Jack, we realized that the potential best of the best are still out there and need our help. 






Some WORDS of our first students

'Absolutely life-changing stuff.'

'These guys are top-notch in the forex industry. Everything they explain is pure gold. Without this knowledge I don't think I would've ever made this kind of money in forex.' 

'I was really amazed at how fast I generated a stabile income with day trading. You guys make it so easy. I wish I found you earlier. It would've saved me lots of money and energy on wrong information.'